NewsCred Website Optimization

Design, UX

As one of the top-five-visited pages on NewsCred's marketing site, our case studies page allows a potential customer to understand the ROI of NewsCred's products by showcasing stories from previous and existing clients. To align with our new brand's visual identity and provide even more value for the viewer, we decided to redesign the experience by: improving the information hierarchy, adding a customer testimonial video, showing screencasts of clients' hubs, and including analyst quotes.

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Full page comparison of case studies landing page

Entrepreneur caught wind of our redesigned case studies and included NewsCred in their article, 3 Secrets to Closing More Deals by Using Compelling Case Studies:

"The content-marketing platform NewsCred, for example, has case studies with a slew of big names, including Pepsi, SAP, HP and VISA. Not only do these case studies tell compelling stories, they also cover a variety of different industries. That makes it easier for potential clients to relate to these stories and envision how NewsCred could make a difference for their brand."

Customer testimonial video
Analyst quotes
Full page comparison of individual client case study page

Metrics from Google Analytics confirmed that we improved the viewer's experience. By comparing the first month since going live vs. the previous month, we saw the average time on the landing page increase by 30 seconds, the bounce rate decrease by 4%, and the %exit decrease by 12%.