Mock It Before You Rock It


Branding Graphic design Illustration

Select marks for clients in the non-profit, marketing, technology, higher education, music, advertising, and entertainment sectors.

Lattice property of Hound Technology, Inc.; Ulrich Museum and The Wean Foundation logos property of Cause, LLC; NewsCred property of NewsCred, Inc. in collaboration with Dan Rudy; Story Worldwide BBQueue property of Story Worldwide LLC; Truckpit Cafe License-2-Plate property of Graham Hanson Design (GHD); Columbia Business School Annual Dinner, A.I.R. Harlem, and CUNY @365 property of Suka Creative (creative direction by Maria Belfiore).

Logo for Honeycomb's Design System, Lattice Logo for The Edwin A. Ulrich Museum of Art, a modern and contemporary art museum at Wichita State University Logo for The Wean Foundation Logo for Cooper, an AI assistant, as part of a Hackathon project at NewsCred Logo for NewsCred's ThinkContent 2018 content marketing event Logo for NewsCred's Hackathon 2017 Conceptual logo for License 2 Plate, a food truck at Google's NYC headquarters Logo for LeChad, a photographer Logo for Progressive Punctuation Logo for Lunch as part of a Hackathon project at NewsCred Logo for NewsCred Logo for NewsCred's multi-city ThinkContent Tour Conceptual logo for Air Harlem Logo for NewsCred's Top50 award Conceptual logo for 365 Logo for Columbia Business School Logo for Mike Ivers, an NYC-based actor Logo for NewsCred's 2017 Hackathon Logo for Story Worldwide's summer BBQ Logo for Selah Bodyworks Logo for Eventrix Logo for NewsCred's Hack-O-Rama Logo for NewsCred Lounge ato support their presence at SXSW