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Her Alternative Movie Poster

Graphic design Illustration


Limited run — 12"x16" two-color screen print on 100# French stock printed in Brooklyn, NY by Fleaheart.

*Does not include shipping / All payments made secrurely via PayPal

After seeing Spike Jonze's Her, I was immediately inspired to create a conceptual movie poster. My goal was to portray the film's pivotal moment in an abstract and minimal manner, using symbols instead of photography or people.

When Joaquin Phoenix's character, Theodore, first installs OS1 on his computer, the loading screen displays a hypnotizing, rotating ribbon accompanied by a progress bar. As the story unfolds, he begins to fall in love with the voice behind the OS's artificial intelligence. In the poster, I used the loading ribbon's form to convey love and transformation, two prominent themes in the story.

Featured on the official 'Her' site, Alterntative Movie Posters, Repostered, and DNAinfo New York. OS1 symbol property of Warner Bros. Entertainment. Movie still courtesy of Warner Bros. Pictures. Poster photos by Stephen Meszaros.